The Avenue retains Gerry Weber store

19th December 2019

NewRiver, specialist convenience and community retail and leisure investor, has successfully retained one of the two Gerry Weber stores left in the UK, within its shopping centre, The Avenue in Newton Mearns, which has also been hailed as the best performing store nationwide.

This follows on from news in July that Gerry Weber will be closing down its stable of UK stores as part of a wider restructure undertaken by its parent company. The German fashion retailer said it would close down the stores by the end of October, but will maintain its wholesale business in the UK, which includes around 100 stockists.

The store’s franchise in The Avenue Shopping Centre will be taken over by the ambitious store manager, Laura Dunlop, who ensures this store sets itself apart with a tailored shopping experience for all its customers.

Laura Dunlop, manager of Gerry Weber’s store at The Avenue Shopping Centre, said, “I have worked in the retail sector for a number of years and the key to success is personalisation. This is what sets this Gerry Weber store apart from the rest.

“As part of this personalisation we have ensured that every single one of our employees are trained to the highest standard on customer service, meaning that each customer gets a unique experience in store. This is combined with tailoring the stock we buy in order to suit our customer’s wants and needs, this is even down to buying in the most popular sizes. The results of this approach has meant this brand has shown resilience in a challenging retail market.”

Emma Mackenzie, Head of Asset Management at NewRiver, said, “We liaise closely with all our retailers as part of our active asset management approach, and this is an example of how we have worked with one of our occupiers on a great opportunity for us both.

“It’s all about being nimble and innovative in this current market, which is ever more important as shoppers needs and habits change.

“This is a strong case study of a retailer and store management knowing their customer and meeting their needs. We are delighted that we can retain one of the two Gerry Weber stores left in the UK and continue being a centre which champions customer experience in a convenient location.”


Opening Hours

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